3rd edition of the Photo Shoot

Photoshootdecember13PhotoshootJune13It all started with a kiss. Well, like all fairytales, my organizing photo-shoots twice a year has a much more down to earth truth. I always loved studio photography and I was doing it to explore the different facets of light. You see, as you season yourself as a photographer, you realize that light is the key, and light is what you control fully in a studio environment. Without drifting further away, I was doing portraiture also because humans are unique; you all are exceptional in your own different ways. At that time I wasn’t thinking of organizing a day in which 20 and more people would come together to take portraits in a timely fashion. One idle day this guy, Philippe, hearing that I was a photographer, approaches me and asks me for my help in raising money for his show. He explains me that they’re a bunch of energetic young people that try to organize a fundraiser show every two years for the multiple sclerosis foundation and that they would need help to fund the show. A great opportunity to do good-I say yes right away but still have some question marks about the actual workings: how to gather the money? Will I shoot an event (wedding, baptism) and donate my proceedings? Would I do a private shoot for a wealthy client? The answer came pretty quick when Philippe lets me know that they can get a nice big room for little money and that we could have it all day. We were going to do a photo-shoot and our clientele was going to be recruited mostly by him and his crew through their vast network of connections. Within 2 weeks we had the day almost all booked and that’s how the first ‘collective’ photo shoot came to be, that was in December 2012. I collected and donated almost 1000$ on that day, it was a great success. Seeing how popular it was and how the people enjoyed it as much as I did, I decided to keep the tradition alive and hold such events twice a year: once for the beginning of summer and once just before Christmas. Here we are, days away from the third edition. I am looking forward to seeing you all there and wish you a great holiday season!


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