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Professional PhotographerI am a Montreal based photographer that has been doing photography for the better part of the past 7 years. As you’ll see in my galleries I have shot many weddings and have done some photojournalism.  Just like some of you, I have been intrigued by photography ever since I was a child and the magic of film took over my curiosity and heart.The small numbers decreasing on top of the camera, the limited numbers of rolls as well as the short battery life were part of the frustrations I encountered every time I decided to take pictures. But then, the ongoing wait for the camera shop to call and say that “They’re ready” gave an excitement to every day and a sort of magic to the whole process, process that I had experienced during my teenage years. Afterwards there were to be those inadvertent encounters with a neighbor, a friend that developed their own pictures in their garage or house and I saw them as magicians capable of turning a tiny strip of film into an any size picture. The whole process fascinated and interested me beyond belief. A deep curiosity had instilled in me, and since passion stems mostly from curiosity, I had become deeply passionate about photography.

The digital era brought a great deal of relief to all of the pain I and, I think, we have all experienced with the limitations of film. Although in all fairness to everyone, I know some of you might feel nostalgic and maybe still shoot film, it’s not my case but I greatly respect that approach to the craft. My first digital camera in 1999 must have had 1.3 megapixels and a battery life of about 50 shots, also let’s not forget that my memory card had 16Mb so the limitation of about 40 shots. The exponential advancement of technology was felt in each of our lives as we saw our computers get smaller, our microwaves get digital screens and our phones go cordless. In photography the advancements were felt everywhere, the camera’s digital sensors were getting increasingly precise and sensitive while being capable of rendering a higher pixel density hence allowing us all to print bigger. Advancements in production standards and processes, as well as toughened competition, allowed the lens manufacturers to improve on their glass quality and most importantly on their standardization across the board. I embraced these advancements and am using only digital cameras for my work.

Technology also brought something different with it, the virtualization of the photographer-client relationship. This allows you, for example, to read these lines and learn about who I am without actually having a sit-down with me in a coffee shop or maybe at home where I can share my life-experiences with you. This is a good thing up to a certain point, however I am a people person as well and I’m always willing to meet my potential customers in person just to discuss their desires and concerns for a potential shoot.
I hope that gives you an idea about who I am and the type of work I do, please enjoy the website and if you’d like to buy prints from the webiste don’t hesitate to write to me at mihai@arcreation.ca
Have a great visit!

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