The Nokia night jog

NokiaJOG-1 NokiaJOG-2 NokiaJOG-3 NokiaJOG-4 NokiaJOG-5 NokiaJOG-6 NokiaJOG-7 NokiaJOG-8 NokiaJOG-9So I recently got a Nokia Lumia 1020 Smartphone. For those of you who didn’t hear about it, it’s a 42 Megapixel camera. Even though megapixels mean just how large can you print without loss in detail and not how well a photo will turn out, it’s still an impressive feat to cram up all those pixels in a relatively tiny phone. The image quality of the sensor, which is the part that gives you quality, is impressive.  Let’s jump straight to the point, I was about to go jogging the other day when I realised my Nokia phone’s battery was about to die. I had my other phone from work charged up and ready but I decided to watch an episode of the Daily Show while my Nokia 1020 was charging. After my episode was done, I took my Nokia phone and realized I needed some sort of music app. I had my tune in radio app, but I remembered something I had heard about the Xbox music service on the Windows platform so I decided to give it a try as they gave me a free month. Not that I want to get into much detail about that but the service is really, really good. It was late at night, around 9PM, and I didn’t really expect to take any pictures because night pictures generally require a tripod and traditionally are very hard to get with a phone. As I was jogging past a tiny lake I noticed all the apartment buildings reflecting in the water. I initially ignored it, and jogged past it. As I was jogging away I decided to turn back, photographic curiosity as well as running out of jogging juice, and have a go at taking that picture. My first attempts were actually quite successful and I was once more really impressed with the quality of pictures. Afterwards I started playing with perspectives, framing the homes diagonally and in my, sometimes wild imagination, I saw a star ship in space. Then something very interesting happened in one of my attempts I had quite a bit of camera shake and I noticed the result was interesting. I decided to experiment further and here are the results. I think it really shows that if you think outside the box, and have the proper tools, you can really be creative in any situation even a trivial night jog. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.


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